Moving is a hectic time, we understand. Let’s go through the steps to make sure that your move out goes smoothly.

Have you given us 60 days Notice?
For example, if your lease is up at the end of July we need to know by the end of May at the very very latest if you are renewing your lease or moving. Most of our turnover occurs in May, June, & July. If your lease end date is in that timeline, we will start asking you if you know your plans early in the spring.

Your carpets must be professionally cleaned.
Unless otherwise stated in your lease, we require that we have a receipt from a professional carpet cleaning company. We have included a list of recommended carpet cleaners in the Moving Letter we will be sending you when we schedule your check-out time.

If the carpet cleaning is inadequate, we will have the carpets re-cleaned. Make sure to tell your carpet cleaner if you have pets or if they need to do any extra, deep cleaning.

Your residence must be cleaned.
There will be a suggested cleaning checklist on the back of the Moving Letter. The most often neglected areas are walls, baseboards, window trims & tracks, and mini-blinds.

Rescheduling your check-out.
All check-outs will be done virtually via Zoom or FaceTime; please make sure you have access to one of those. Please give us plenty of notice if you know you will not be ready at the scheduled time, at least 3 business days. If we need to reschedule last minute you will be charged a $100 rescheduling fee.

The actual check-out!
We will need three things from you:

  • Your carpet cleaning receipt
  • Your forwarding address
  • Any keys, mail keys, garage keys/openers

Hopefully, you filled out your check-in packet when you moved in. If so, we will be making our notations on that check-in.

Your security deposit
Please note that one check will be issued back to all the names on the lease. Please let us know well in advance if that will not work and we’ll provide you with the proper paperwork.

As stated in your lease, it is a 60-day return on your deposit. Please remember that we are processing many other security deposit returns, including yours, and want to be as thorough as possible.