Application Process

Disclosure: Armadillo Property Management is a licensed real estate broker in the State of Colorado; Beverly Perina is the current acting broker of Armadillo Property Management. The broker is leasing and/or managing the property as principal or as agent/subagent for the owner and that broker is not agent for resident. As employees of Armadillo Property Management, we agree to full compliance with Fair Housing standards.

In-person showings are available for vacant properties only. To view an occupied property, you must apply and be approved first. **Please note we must provide 24 hours notice to the current tenant(s) before showing an occupied property.

To Secure a Property you MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Incomplete Applications WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Completed applications must be filled out Front, Back and Brokerage Disclosure signed.
  • All resident(s) over the age of 18 who plan to live at the property must turn in a completed and signed application(s) for Armadillo to consider the group’s application complete.
  • $30.00 non-refundable app fee. 
  • All Information MUST BE VERIFIABLE Background information is crucial to determine the status of your application(s). FALSE information will result in an automatic denial.
  • To lease without restriction, i.e. Guarantor or double deposit, each applicant separately must gross at least two times (2x) the total rent amount per month. Income from the following will be considered to qualify: Sec 8 voucher, Grant money, Student loan, Trust, Child support, Alimony, SSI and Welfare.
  • Guarantor forms (if applicable) are due at lease signing.
  • IF your current or past landlord is a family member you will automatically be required to have a Guarantor or provide Double Deposit.
  • Employers will be contacted to verify employment & income or provide 2 months of verifiable pay stubs.
  • Self-employed persons must provide verifiable tax returns to document income.
  • Once the lease is emailed, it must be signed within 24 hours. Click here to review a copy of the lease.
  • The property will not be taken off the market until the lease is signed
  • Backup applications will be accepted if lease signing deadline expires.
  • The Security and Animal deposit will be due at lease signing.
  • Must not have a breach of any previous rental contract (NO Evictions).
  • Must not have a balance due to previous residential accounts or Landlords.
  • Must have no incidence of lease violations such as (but not limited to): property abuse, noise violations, disturbances to neighbors or others, aggressive behavior, unauthorized animals or people.
  • Tenants are required to obtain and provide proof of renter’s insurance for the entire lease term.
  • Criminal background will be reviewed and assessed as part of the application process.

The decision to accept an application will require a combination of positive employment, housing references, an acceptable tenant qualifier score on the credit report & verifiable current monthly income. Armadillo reserves the right to deny any applicant who does not meet minimum qualification standards. Applicants with less than optimal scores will be required to have a Guarantor form for the lease or a double deposit. If a Guarantor is required, that person will need to submit a signed and notarized Lease Guarantor Form. The form must be delivered by lease signing or a double deposit will be required.

The following policy concerning maximum occupancy of dwellings is based on the health & safety needs of our residents. Fort Collins City Code Section 29-1 will allow no more than three unrelated adults in any one dwelling.

Animal Policy: If the property permits animals, an additional refundable animal deposit of $150 is required for each animal and monthly rent of $35 per month per animal. Due to dog bite statistics from the center of Disease Control and Prevention, and our insurance providers, the following breeds are not allowed: Akita, Shar-pei, Chow, Doberman pinscher, German shepherd, Pit Bull (Staffordshire terrier), Rottweiler, Rhodesian ridgeback, Wolf/Dog hybrids, mixed breeds of any of the above listed dogs and any dog known to have vicious tendencies or known to have bitten anyone. Ferrets are not permitted. Any reptiles or birds must be caged.

A welcoming environment is paramount to all of our residents. To help ensure ALL of our residents understand our pet and animal-related policies, we use a third-party screening service and require EVERYONE to complete a profile (No Pet/Pet/Animal). This process ensures we have formalized pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments and more accurate records to create greater mutual accountability. Link to pet screening is Step 2 in the process of applying.

To apply:

1. Complete the Application with Brokerage Disclosure (one app required for each adult occupant)

2. Register with Pet Screening  (all applicants MUST register even if you don’t have an animal)

3. After all adult occupants have completed the steps above, please call our office at 970-482-9293 to pay the $30 application fee.