Application Process

Disclosure: Armadillo Property Management is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Colorado; Beverly Perina is the current acting broker of Armadillo Property Management. The broker is leasing and/or managing the property as Principal or as Agent/Subagent for the Owner and that Broker is not Agent for Resident. As employees of Armadillo Property Management, we agree to full compliance with Fair Housing Standards.

Properties will be available to “view” by virtual tour or by photos only. If the property is currently vacant, we are happy to show the property to approved applicants; however, a mask will be required, and we will ask you the following questions:

  • Have you had any symptoms of COVID-19? (headache, fever, sore throat, cough, body aches or chills, shortness of breath or inability to taste or smell)
  • Have you been around anyone in the last 14 days with COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or in quarantine?

To Secure a Property you MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Application from all applicants must be completed and turned in to be considered a complete application
  • All residents over the age of 18 must turn in a completed and signed application.
  • $40.00 non-refundable app fee. ($30 Credit/Background and $10 Admin fee) We will ask for your social security number and date of birth at that time. We do not ask for it when you fill out application online for security reasons.
  • All information MUST BE VERIFIABLE! Background information is crucial to determine the status of your application(s). FALSE information will result in an automatic denial.
  • To lease without restriction, i.e. guarantor or double deposit, each applicant separately must gross at least two times (2x) the total rent amount per month, must have adequate credit history and rental references.
  • Guarantor forms (if applicable) are due upon move in.
  • IF you currently live with family members you will automatically be required to have a guarantor or provide double deposit.
  • Employers will be contacted to verify employment & income or provide verifiable pay stubs.
  • Self-employed persons must provide verifiable tax returns to document income.
  • The lease must be signed within 48 hours of being emailed to you; leases will be sent via DocuSign
  • The property will not be taken off the market until the lease is signed; backup applications will be accepted.
  • 1/2 of the security and animal deposit will be due at lease signing, the remainder will be due at move in, as well as rent.
  • Must not have a breach of any previous rental contract (NO evictions).
  • Must not have a balance due to previous residential accounts or landlords.
  • Must have no incidence of property abuse or incidence of creating noise, aggressive behavior toward property management or neighbors, or any other disturbances.


The decision to accept an application will require a combination of positive employment, housing references, an acceptable tenant qualifier score on the credit report & verifiable current monthly income. The following policy concerning maximum occupancy of dwellings is based on the health & safety needs of our residents. Fort Collins City Code Section 29-1 will allow no more than three unrelated adults in any one dwelling.

Armadillo reserves the right to deny any applicant that does not meet the minimum qualification standards. Applicants with less than optimal scores will be required to have a co-signer or a double deposit. If a co-signer is required, the applicant will need to submit a signed Guarantor form. The form must be received prior to move-in or a double deposit will be required.

Application with Brokerage Disclosure