Application Process

The very first step is to get in touch with us to set up a time to take a look. Often, we’ll need to give our current residents 24 hours notice before we show the property. Our normal hours for showing properties are 1pm-4:30pm Monday through Friday. We can also do showings on Saturdays by appointment, depending on the season. All properties are leased on a first come first served basis – take a look at the next step to learn how to snag the property you are interested in.

After you’ve seen the property and you decide you’d like to rent it, the next step is submitting an  Application, which the leasing assistant should have on site. Applications are also available at our office as well as through email. Please note that we will not accept an application from you until you or a representative for you has looked at the property.

The application fee of $40 is non-refundable. The security deposit, including animal deposit (if applicable) is due upon lease signing. Rent is due upon move in.

We are unable to move forward with the approval process without all parts of the application, especially:

  • Finished, signed & dated application
  • Application fee

    We look at three main areas when processing an application:

  • Housing references
  • Employment & income
  • Credit

    Current & former landlords will be contacted for information regarding –

  • Any history of damage to property
  • Violations of lease terms
  • Balances left on accounts

    Mortgage info will appear on the credit report and will be used. The housing references are a huge part of your final score, so if you have not leased a property before, or have only leased one property for less than three years, we will require either a co-signer or a double deposit.

    To lease without restriction, EACH applicant must gross at least (2) two times the amount of the TOTAL rent with a current job. If this is not the case, we will require a co-signer or a double deposit. Current employers will be contacted to verify employment & income. Self-employed people will be required to provide tax returns to document income.

    We use AM Rent to run our credit/background checks. The credit check scoring system used looks at a few criteria including, but not limited to –

  • Length of current residence & employment
  • Rent to income ratio
  • Payment history & FICO score

    If the resulting score is less than satisfactory, we will require a co-signer or a double deposit.


    First, let’s clarify what a co-signer is versus a double deposit.

    Often a parent or guardian, this person needs to be a family member. They are guaranteeing that the rent will be paid in a timely manner and covenants of the lease will be followed. They are required to submit a lease guarantor form that has been filled out and notarized. Each applicant who chooses this route must provide his or her own co-signer.

    DOUBLE DEPOSITLease Guarantor 2019
    The normal security deposit is the same amount as one month’s rent. The double deposit is simply twice that amount. It is still fully refundable depending on damages. If the applicants decide to provide a double deposit instead of co-signers, it will cover all applicants.

    There are a few common scenarios that will always require an applicant to provide one or the other.

  • Lack of rental history or limited rental history
  • Inadequate income or inability to prove adequate income
  • Negative credit history or lack of credit

    As an applicant, you have the option to choose which direction you’d like to go: co-signer or double deposit.  Either way, we will need it to be submitted to us before we can hand over keys.

Armadillo reserves the right to deny any applicant that does not meet the minimum qualification standards. Applicants with less than optimal scores will be required to have a co-signer or a double deposit. If a co-signer is required, the applicant will need to submit a signed, notarized Lease Guarantor form. The form must be received prior to move-in or a double deposit will be required.